Yadid'it! mission & vision

"When rescue, training, and holistic care are working hand-in-hand, then and only then, have you done everything possible to set everyone involved

up for success."








In the rescue-world, too many dogs have their lives cut tragically short due to shelter
overpopulation and a high return rate on finalized adoptions. With a higher chance of euthanasia

for returned-adoptees, high return-rate is a consequential issue. Excluding dog-training from the adoption process is an indisputable factor in the return-rate on finalized adoptions.

Every homeless dog is a trauma survivor; whether they experienced abandonment, abuse,
or neglect.


In the human-world, too many people have experienced feelings of worthlessness and guilt after
a sexually traumatic experience. It can be difficult to feel like the incredibly strong survivor that

you are, when society deems you “a victim of self-inflicted circumstances”. 

Every person who has experienced sexual abuse is a trauma survivor; whether it was
physical abuse, emotional abuse or both.




Our mission is to craft a community space that facilitates and empowers trauma survivors, both human and canine, to rediscover their

inner-strength and rebuild their self-confidence; through the facilitation of

dog rescue and the cultivation of the human-animal bond.


































































































Yadid’it! Sustainable Dog Rescue has an opportunity for Partners to join in on our effort to
make our community a better place. We have partnered with a Durham-based real estate
development firm to create a new home for this movement, and we are inviting Philanthropists

to come alongside our team to make this vision a reality.



We are inviting you to consider the positive social impact this project is offering. The
remainder of this proposal provides more detailed information about the Joint Venture and
Development Project. Together, we can create something that will benefit our community for
years to come.





Sustainable Revenue Model

  • Yadidit! Dog Training puts 10% of every dollar spent directly into the rescue, with plans

to increase the contribution to 20% within the first year in our new operating space

  • Yadidit! Dog Training provides the post-adoption training offered with each adoption

free of charge.

  • The production and sale of Yadid’it! Sustainable Greenz, our home-made, dehydrated

dog-food supplement, allows us to include it in the foster-dogs diets, also free of charge.

  • Yadidit! intern Molly Chmura, launched her business - Molly Made It - selling her

handmade crafts, as a way to give back. Molly donates 80% of every purchase to
Yadidit! Sustainable Dog Rescue

























Yadid’it! Sustainable Rescue Effort

To truly be able to start a rescue, I had to create a self-sustaining revenue model, so that I
don’t have to start an online funding campaign every time a dog needs medical attention.
General adoptions all include a one-month obedience-class group membership. In addition
to general adoptions, Yadid’it! Dog Training, LLC will sponsor a number of adoptions each
year, for survivors of sexual trauma. Yadid’it! Sponsored Adoption Program will include the
adoption, the accompanying dog-handler course, and the cost associated with the
appropriate service provided by ESA Doggy, to ensure the Emotional Support Animal is
legal and has access where/when it should.


Yadid’it! Sustainable Rescue Effort was established with three very distinct goals:

1. Aiding in the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs, and providing nourishment to all

three levels of consciousness, to keep consistent with Yadid’it! values.
2. Aiding in the rehabilitation of people in need, specifically human survivors

of sexual traumas.
3. Educating about the importance of including training in the rescue dog adoption

process and the effect it has on decreasing the return rate of adopted dogs.








My first dog Ember, and I, we saved each other. I was at my lowest point after a sexual assault,

when I realized training dogs was my true calling. I enrolled in my certification program and after

a couple months of studying, went to a shelter to adopt a dog who would accompany me,

and hopefully assist me, on my journey becoming a dog trainer. What I got was so much more

than that. Realizing my calling, learning how to train dogs, adopting Ember, these were the first

steps in my journey of self-discovery and healing my past trauma.


I got my personal power back, learned to regulate my emotions, and I learned that my needs

could be met while also meeting the needs and showing up for another living being. In light of

the current political climate and the #METOO movement, I knew I had to create this experience

for other abandoned dogs and my fellow survivors.


                                                                                                                                                            -- Shana               

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