Gomez the Chi Mix

"Shana is truly the finest trainer I've ever met. We have a nervous little Chi-mix who was a formerly abused rescue dog, and needed socialization. Shana took this arduous task to hand, loving my little guy unconditionally, until he was able to easily be around people and other dogs, as well as the "trained doggy" stuff...the sitting, the walking, the minding me. She also taught me a lot about what makes him tick and how to convince him that the world was not against him. It was a feat that I was sure was impossible. Shana makes the impossible possible! I'd give more than 5 stars if I was allowed!!"


Sugar the PocketPibble

"Shana is one of the best dog trainers I have ever met. Not only is she excellent with every type of dog, she's equally skilled at dealing with every type of person. Her calm and steady nature put both pet and pet owner at ease and allow them to accept the training she expertly delivers. 10 stars! Love you Shana!"


Shiloh the Corgi/GSD Mix

"My dog, Shiloh, and I love Shana! She is incredibly committed to every dog that she meets and has a true passion for teaching them. One of my favorite aspects of my trainings with Shana was that she would always make sure Shiloh and the other dogs were comfortable with the environment and with the other dogs before we began the training. This allowed Shiloh both peace of mind and a friendly environment to train in. I highly recommend Shana as a trainer for anyone looking to teach their dog to be the best they can be."


Sunny the Pitbull/Hound Mix

"Shana is an amazing trainer. We adopted Sunny from the Wake County Animal Shelter in August of 2018, and after bringing him home to our apartment, we found out that he had a few undesirable behaviors. He was a quiet dog who loved to cuddle, but as soon as we went on walks, he would react to new dogs and people in a very defensive manner by barking and acting out. We reached out to Shana in September, and she came over to our apartment for a consultation, sitting with us for almost two hours to learn about Sunny's behavior and what our goals were for improvement. Shana used her personal crew of dogs, the "Muttley crew", to help us teach Sunny not to fear new things and to develop good doggie manners. Most importantly, Shana taught Matt and I how to read our dog's signals, how to give him what he needed, and how to build his trust in us (and vice versa). Not only did Shana provide Sunny with reassurance, but she helped Matt and I see that things would get better with training and proper communication. We don't know what we would have done without Shana's amazing training, because she really taught US how to work with our dog- a skill we are forever grateful for. Five stars and highly recommended for adopted dogs."


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