Behavioral Modification

Yadid'It Dog Training's Behavior Modification Programs combine private sessions with what we call an "Exploration Day".

We take your dog to public places and desensitize them to their fear, anxiety, or displeasure in their new surroundings. We help create positive associations to replace the negative.

Our Exploration days are a total of 4 hours; 3.5 hours we have your dog out with us, the last half hour we spend with you and your dog to show their progress and give you personalized instruction on how to continue on your path to success.


Whether your dog needs to build confidence or needs to learn about boundaries both in and out of the house, this may be the service for you!

Program Cost

Quick-Fix Behavior Modification Program (4-Private Sessions & Exploration Day) - $1,020

Lifetime'o'Gratitude Behavior Modification Program (8-Private Sessions & Exploration Day) - $1,725

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