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"When rescue, training, and holistic care are working hand-in-hand, then and only then, have you done everything possible to set everyone involved up for success."









In the rescue-world, too many dogs have their lives cut tragically short due to shelter

overpopulation and a high return rate on finalized adoptions.

With a higher chance of euthanasia for returned-adoptees, high return-rate is a

consequential issue.

Excluding dog-training from the adoption process is an indisputable factor in the

return-rate on finalized adoptions.

Every homeless dog is a trauma survivor; whether they experienced abandonment, abuse or neglect.



In the human-world, too many people have experienced feelings of

worthlessness and guilt after a sexually traumatic experience.


It can be difficult to feel like the incredibly strong survivor that you are,

when society deems you “a victim of self-inflicted circumstances”.



Every person who has experienced sexual abuse is a trauma survivor; whether it was physical abuse,

emotional abuse or both.










Our mission is to craft a community space that facilitates and

empowers trauma survivors, both human and canine, to rediscover their inner-strength and rebuild their self-confidence; through

the facilitation of dog rescue and the cultivation

of the human-animal bond.


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